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Comic Eyes - Rounds - Blacklight


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Product Information

Blacklight Comic Eyes - Rounds 1 5/8"  (2 Eyes with washers)


These eyes will glow purple/blue under blacklight. They DO NOT glow in regular light or in the dark.

Product Code: EYES-Rounds

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BRENDA G :: 01 Mar 2017, 10:38

Cartoon eye fantastic

Fantastic eyes. These eyes could easily be used by me for blacklight or regular light. The perfect size for my creations! Thank you!

George K :: 14 Dec 2016, 12:10

Highly Recommended!!!

These eyes are so much fun to use. Out of the Box Puppets is perfect for all puppetry needs. Highly recommended!

Michael V :: 02 Sep 2016, 10:22

I love these eyes

My husband and I did a puppet workshop for my church and I was concerned about the type of eyes we should use. I didn't want the kids to have to struggle putting them on, also we didn't want them using a hot glue gun. We had a bunch of 5yr olds. I spoke to Julie and she referred these eyes. We absolutely love them and we plan to use them on all our puppets. Julie you are a gem and I appreciate all the time you dedicate to help new up and coming puppeteers. God Bless you.

Tara B :: 13 Jun 2016, 16:50

Fun eyes

Love these eyes, I will be buying more!

Tamara E :: 22 Mar 2016, 18:45

Great Comic Eyes

Just arrived I love these eyes. Not going to use all of them as eyes, covered in Antron they make secure button noses

Ian M :: 13 Oct 2015, 06:30

Great addition.

I usually order a few eyes while making Antron orders. I normally stick with the dome eyes but for this one I needed something flat for an order. These are perfect for the job. Solid, easy to secure in place. Another top quality order.

Stuart L :: 18 May 2015, 14:45

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