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Frequent Flyer - Grins


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Blacklight Frequent Flyers - Frequent Flyer - Grins.

Grins is 36" tall with yellow and pink striped fur mohawk.  Orange knit fur head and feet, high quality orange fleece face, printed spandex shirt and pants with yellow arms, legs and neck. Grins, as well all Frequent Flyers is a moving mouth puppet operated by one or two puppeteers. 

Frequent Flyers are available with two types of feet options:

Please Choose before adding to cart.

2 Feet together as one single unit

2 Feet separate w/rods (This option allows for great movement)

Grins is just one of six new Frequent Flyers: Cheeky, Frazzled, Kissy Face, Pucker Up, Snozz


All puppets are handmade in the USA.  Slight variations may occur. 

Product Code: FF-Grins

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