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Monster Large - Black


4.8 average, based on 5 reviews

Product Information

Lg Furry Monster type Puppet Eyes. Eye set is approximately 3" wide x 2.5" tall not include stem.  Washers included. 1 set includes one piece double eye and two washers.

Product Code: EYES-Lg Mnstr -Black

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8

Great Eyes

These aren't your every occasion eyes, but as such, when you do use them they're great! I hide the fact that they're attached by a simple piece of boa hot glued down between the eyes on the puppet. Then I work through the hole and voilĂ ! The connector disappears! Another great thing to do is if you take wire cutters, you can trim about half the part the washer clicks into(eye stem). You don't need this much length and it just digs into your hand. Leave at least 2 or 3 grooves worth of space that's it that's all you need. I like to place these eyes at the top of the head. Especially the cone head. Good luck, play with colors, materials, foam! Explore the internet for more how to build! Enjoy!

Beth :: 16 Oct 2016, 17:15

Monster Funtimes ahead

Really love these eyes , they arrived today. I can't wait to see them on my monster and frog

Ian M :: 21 Sep 2015, 09:54

Simply essential

Just what I needed! The best way to sum up being able to use full sphere eyes without glue is like having your cake, and eating it too! Love this site.

JMR :: 05 Jun 2014, 22:04


I've used these eyes for monster, blob, and other over-sized puppet creations of mine, and they are always loved by all. As a builder, they are easy to attach, and the locking mechanism is a cinch to install (unlike many other "safety" features I've used before). I always order multiple pairs of these eyes, because I know I'll be happily and proudly using them right up!

TSGpuppetry :: 14 May 2014, 10:39

pretty cool

I used these eyes on a red monster puppet I built. They would be better if they were not connected in the center but you can solve that with a little work.

Chris C :: 30 Apr 2014, 14:12

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