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Totally Tubular Kit


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Totally Tubular Kit - What is a Totally Tubular? 

Totally Tubular is 10' long with rods placed in the center and on both ends.  Totally Tubular can be operated by 1 or 2 puppeteers. With multiple Totally Tubulars you can create words such as L O V E,  G O D , J O Y.  Create shapes like water or a heart.  Hold center rod and use Totally Tubular for long skinny legs.  Totally Tubular can be used to create anything your imagination can dream up. 

Kit includes Instructions emailed to you in a PDF format.  Supplies to build 3 Totally Tubulars: pre-sewn fabrics (your choice of yellow fleece, orange fleece or green fleece), and pre-assembled handles and foam tubes.

Product Code: KIT_TT

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